What is the wether in Abisko trughout the year

Weather in Abisko during the year

There's no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes! 🙂

How bad weather can get in Abisko?

In winter you might not be able to see more that 1 m in front of you, get your hat blown away and get your hands literally frozen. The next day you could get your face sunburned even though it is – 5 °C (typical problem in springtime) and get your jacket soaked as you were sweating too much while hiking around the village.

In summer you may be going out wearing only a t-shirt because come on, it is so hot and nice but well – going back home soaked again due to heavy sudden rain.

As you see we do not take weather in Abisko region as granted because anything can happen. Not to mention that during any season of the year it could be sunny and warm in Kiruna, which is only 100 km away from us, but in Abisko it is a snowstorm with extremely hard wind. 

What is the solution? What to wear in the arctic? First of all – layers. Never wear cotton or jeans. Invest in woollen socks and quality thermal underwear. If staying with us in Abisko Guesthouse we have for you free and very warm overalls, big shoes, gloves and hats for free. It is very important that you have your shoes 2-3 sizes bigger than usually, so you have enough space for extra woollen socks and some air which is a very good isolator. Think of a good cover for your face and an extra fleece you can always put on if you get too cold. Layers are also very handy in summertime as weather changes here a lot also during warmer months. Always be ready for coming changes. Better to carry with you some more stuff than have your trip shorten due to cold feet or wet clothes.

One more good tip for Arctic’s dress code – forget about any make up and fancy hairstyle. With local
winds and precipitation it will not last long. Better focus on fatty sunblock and hiking headband.

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