Magical Troll Lake and Stone Valley Hike


This full day hike takes us up into the Kärkevagge stone valley and to the beautiful, crystal clear Trollsjön magical lake that nestles in the valley. Both are spectacular. ​

We start at the Guesthouse and head westwards in our own minibuses to a spot where we park. We walk through the birch trees until we get up above them and head off towards Kärkevagge – the stone valley. Kärkevagge is named after the large jumbled rocks that were pushed down the mountain side as the glacier grew 10,000 years ago and settled as the ice melted in the 4km long valley. Some of the stones are the size of houses and the valley is made up of cliffs and mossy greenery when it isn’t covered in snow. The barren landscape makes way for lush vegetation around the lake, something the reindeer like very much. Imagine a Swedish version of the landscape in ‘Lord of the Rings’… Once we reach Trollsjön, the troll lake, we stop for a break and to eat and swim in the glittering water. The spectacularly clean and clear ‘magical’ lake is entirely frozen for most of the year so nothing lives in it. You can see right down to the 32m deep bottom and, if you are brave enough, take a dip in it. It is beautiful…and cold! The lake is filled from melting glaciers, making it the clearest and purest lake in Europe. This hike takes around 6-7 hours and offers chances to take amazing photographs – we’ll stop from time to time along the meandering path to enjoy the views all around us.

Price includes

Transportation Guiding

Useful information:

This hiking tour is available most days in the summer. Lunch is not included so bring food with you. The tour takes a full day, 6-7 hours and starts at 10:00.

lothing should be suitable for being out in the weather and plenty of walking.

kr 750/person

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*We are available between 9:00 and 18:00 local time. Feel free to reach out and we're happy to answer any questions you may have.

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