Sami inspired BBQ Dinner


We will cook and eat dinner together in our own BBQ hut alongside the hotel, with a beautiful view of Lake Torneträsk in Abisko.

The dinner is a local Sami dish called 'souvas' with local vegetables. We cook in a very large dish in the center of the room over an open fire, in the old-fashioned Sami way. Souvas is made from lightly smoked reindeer meat and is delicious. There are vegetarian options, please let the Reception know if you would like one. Experiencing sitting and eating beside the fire inside, with the doors open and the view over the lake to the hills on the other side of the glittering water is a wonderful to spend an evening.

Sami inspired BBQ dinner in Abisko

Sami Inspired BBQ dinner in Abisko includes:

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kr 590/person

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