Midnight Sun Dinner or Lunch on the Beach


Would you like to eat lunch or dinner in the sunlight by the beach and Silver Waterfall?

We drive in our own tour buses towards Björkliden and walk down from beside the beautiful Silverfallet waterfall at Rakkasjokk down towards Lake Torneträsk. The drive takes just a few minutes and the walk is about 300m down a path through the birch trees. We stop and take photos along the way! Once we reach the beach, we light a fire and, once it is cooked, we eat lightly smoked reindeer meat (which the Samis call 'souvas') or moose burgers and soft drinks. Vegetarian options are available – just ask at Reception before we leave. While we enjoy our meal, we get to appreciate the view out across Lake Torneträsk, which is spectacular. It is a fantastic location.

Price includes

Transportation Guiding Lunch/late dinner and soft drinks.

Useful information:

To reach Silver Waterfall we need to walk approximately 600m.

For lunch: we leave the Guesthouse at 11:00 and eat lunch at around 13:00. We get back at 16:00.
For Minight Sun dinner: we leave the Guesthouse at 22:00 and eat our midnight dinner at around 0:00. We get back at around 01:30.

kr 980/person

Have a Question?

*We are available between 9:00 and 18:00 local time. Feel free to reach out and we're happy to answer any questions you may have.

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