Ice Fishing


Experience the fantastic feeling of standing on the glacial lakes (yes, on one!) and try to catch your dinner.

Our ice fishing tour starts at the Guesthouse reception where your guide will meet you. They'll start by providing any extra clothing to make sure you stay warm and dry. Once we are ready, we'll head out to the lake on snowmobiles or by car (depending on the season and snow conditions). The guide will choose a location and, together, we'll drill through the ice until we reach the water underneath in this deep, deep lake. All the equipment you'll need is provided and with it, we hope to catch some of the delights of the lake, like the glorious red-bottomed Arctic Char. You can take home anything you catch - our guides will help you get it ready to cook. Try poaching or baking it, just like salmon or trout and pop mayonnaise on it if cold or hollandaise sauce if hot. While you wait for the fish to bite, you can enjoy the most spectacular view across the open, frozen lake and the mountains all around you, sparkling in the snow. And don't forget to bring your camera with you!

Ice Fishing in Abisko

Ice Fishing in Abisko includes:

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kr 850/person

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