Fishing in the Norwegian fjords

Fishing is a big part of the Norwegian way of life. Up in the far north, the fjords don't freeze so we experience the magic of fishing there all year round. The Gulf Stream keeps the water flowing and this warmer water brings an abundance of fish in close to the shores, including the largest cod, pollock and haddock. We start this shore fishing tour by heading out westwards from the Guesthouse in our own minibuses and cross the border into Norway. There are a variety of fjords to fish in and each fjord looks and feels special in their own way, with its own majestic landscape and views that take the breath away. Which fjord we head to depends on the conditions - our guide will pick the best one for that day's fishing. Once we arrive at one of the beautiful shorelines, the guide will help you get set up - we provide all the equipment you'll need to fish from the shore. While we fish, we take in the spectacular scenery around us, from the snowy-topped sharp peaks of the mountains to arctic greenery round the shoreline. We take some snacks and soft drinks but bring anything extra that you would like to eat with you. We take everything we catch back to the Guesthouse so you can cook it for your dinner if you choose to!

Price includes

All fishing equipment and bait All transportation Small snacks and warm drinks Warm clothing if needed

Useful information:

Tour is by minibus. Clothing should be suitable for standing out in the weather but not much walking. Soft drink and light snacks are included. Bring extra food for yourself if you will need more to eat.

We start the tour between 9:00-11:00, depending on the time of year and weather conditions that day. Check at the Guesthouse reception for the exact departure time for your tour.

kr 995/person

Have a Question?

*We are available between 9:00 and 18:00 local time. Feel free to reach out and we're happy to answer any questions you may have.

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