Aurora Snowmobile Trip


It is said that you must to see Aurora at least once in your lifetime and, by snowmobile, it is a truly memorable experience!

Depending on the option you choose you can drive one of our snowmobiles under the moonlight nearby Abisko National Park or look to the skies for the northern lights from the comfort of the sleds. We stop as soon as we see it and always have plenty of time for taking photos. Our guides can help you get a good shot! We stop half way for something warm to drink and to throw a few snowballs. Along the journey, there is a good chance that we will see reindeer, moose and ptarmigan birds. If the conditions allow it, we can stop at a river or ice cave and see if we can drink some of the water, even in the middle of winter.

Aurora snowmobile trip in Abisko

Aurora Snowmobile trip in Abisko includes:

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kr 995/person

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