What to do in Abisko in winter

What to do in Abisko in winter

How does Swedish Winter Wonderland look like? 

Fluffy snow, blue sky, glittering frozen lake that you can drive a snowmobile on and massive icicles decorating roofs. During days happy huskies running through white valleys and at nights colourful
auroras dancing over your head.

The sound of silence, most of the day peaceful darkness and massive amounts of snow. Perfect conditions for enjoying winter sports, photography tours and all the Nordic activities you can think of.

Yes, this is how our everyday life in Abisko looks like. Beautiful and adventurous. 

But wait… is it always that magical and pleasant? 

No disadvantages? 

Did I forget to mention all the harsh snowstorms, closed roads due to huge snowdrifts, cancelled trains, heavy winds up to 120km/h and frozen nose when it is – 30°C or even colder? Tired muscles after full day skiing or hiking. Yes, now we are talking about everyday life in Lapland. 

But remember – There’s No Such Thing as Bad Weather, Only Bad Clothes! And you know, it might not be easy but once you work for it, yourself, knowing what the prize is going to be, this is the best and most satisfying kind of leisure you can experience.

Do not wish for it – work for it. So, skip your all-inclusive holidays and get some Arctic survival 🙂

Lapland is waiting! 🙂

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