When to go to Abisko?

When is the best time to visit Abisko?

It is a very hard question as it really depends on your travel goals and preferences. I can assure you that each month Abisko has a lot to offer and in order to experience all our tourist attractions you would need to spend here a few weeks each season of the year.


Spring – most popular for skiing and snowmobiling. We still have a lot of snow and frozen lake, but it is already very sunny (good sunglasses are a must). Days are getting longer and longer and less and less tourists are around. Usually in the village we meet our neighbours – Finns and Norwegians who come here for winter adventures as well as locals from the whole country who like to return here each year. People come to Abisko to their cottages and there is no more rush as we used to have in the high season – in winter. 

As days are already very long (for example in April it is already bright at 4AM and it gets dark at around 10PM) it is a perfect time for outdoor winter sports. In April we usually still get snowfalls and minus temperatures, but it is not freezing cold anymore. Our ski season ends around May so if you are into downhill skiing/ cross country skiing/ snowmobiling/ snowshoe hiking that is the time of the year to visit Abisko! Plenty of snow, sun, trails and nearby ski resorts such as Björkliden or Riksgränsen are ready fo your arrival!


Summer – midnight sun hikes. Summer is all about hikes. Does not matter if a few weeks long ones or a few hours long walks. There is unlimited variety of different ways you can choose from or even create yourself. Only imagination is your limit. 

Abisko Guesthouse is 2 km away from STF which is our local Tourist Station. From here many popular trails start. Among them is the most popular one in Sweden – Kungsleden so The King’s Trail. You can walk the whole thing or select only a part of it. Both in winter and summer it is great to reach the first stop of Kungsleden – Abiskojaure fjällstuga. From STF it is an easy 15km long hike across Abisko National Park. Along the way it is possible to spot some reindeers, moose, rabbits, foxes and many beautiful birds. Once you reach Abiskojaure fjällstuga you can stay there overnight, enjoy sauna and the silence of Swedish mountains. For beginners my personal top trails around Abisko are: Kårsafallen Walk (the purple trail from STF, 4 hours long), easy Silver Waterfall Walk (more details at our reception desk) or crystal clear Trollsjön magical lake that nestles in the valley. 

Summer also means endless energy and sunny nights so there is plenty of time to enjoy not only hikes but also fishing trips, fjord photo tours to Norway, BBQ parties, bonfires, picking up berries in the forest, enjoying all the flowers, views and in general nature at its fullest beauty.


Autumn – beginning of this season is also amazing for hiking and all other kinds of sightseeing the surroundings. Autumn colours of Lapland are absolutely the most stunning ones Mother Nature can create and amounts of different berries in the forest are unimaginably numerous. Rain jacket, comfortable shoes, good camera and this season is yours! Just imagine all the pictures you are going to take, walks you are going to enjoy plus all these delicious berries… Well, I guess I need to finish here and defrost some of my supplies of local berries to remind myself of what is coming soon 🙂


Winter – the colder and darker it gets the more tourists in Abisko appear. Why? 

Yeah, that is a stupid question. Aurora of course! Winter is also the best time of the year to experience Nordic darkness, try jumping into the snow after a hot sauna, see huskies in their natural conditions, build a snowman, feel the real cold, listen to the sound of squeaking snow and try all the amazing winter activities we offer but certainly northern lights are the most desirable purpose of visiting Lapland in winter.

Such holidays in Swedish Lapland are not as easy as you imagine. It is very energy consuming to stay warm and a bit tiring to enjoy all the snow when there is almost no daylight. In December it gets quite bright only between 10AM until 2PM but we do not see the actual sun for a few months. Then your energy is really down but wait – northern lights! 

So, you are cold and tired, but you really want to chase the lights! So even though you dream of cosy bed and a power nap you stay outside for hours, half of the night if necessary, to finally see them. And once you see them you do not want to sleep till the end of your stay in Abisko anymore because it is truly unforgettable experience and you only wish to see more and more of this phenomenon. Because it is magic. This magic is genuinely real – here in Abisko, just outside of your window.

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