What to do in Abisko in summer?

Midnight sun in Abisko and Kiruna, Swedish Lappland

In 2020 first sunrise after winter we have celebrated in Abisko on February the 1st. Memorable day because you know, how exciting it is to finally see the sun after a long loong very loooong winter! People get crazy making their BBQs and looking for long time ago lost sunglasses. But the struggle is real- winter was extremely long and dark but sunny days are just around the corner.

When spring comes, so around late March, the world becomes so bright and alive that you do not even realize when it is already summer! Then it is time for preparing your hiking gear and getting lost in the mountains for a few weeks. Or at least to enjoy every day smaller walks around Abisko National Park. Up to you. Food? Easy to find in the forest – so many delicious berries and tones of fish in surrounding lakes. Water? Who would carry much if you can refill your bottle in each stream? Of course, Sweden is quite expensive, so it is a good idea to bring some protein bars/ hiking meals from your home country. Products such as rice/ pasta/ chocolate/ nuts/ tuna are available in our one and the only supermarket – Godisfabriken. Actually, you can get here some really nice deals for candy as translating it directly from Swedish it is a Candy Factory Shop. So, you got your sugar addiction already satisfied and now what, mmm maybe something extra strong? Alcohol you can only get 100 km away in Kiruna so nope as it is too much effort buuut the sun is a free drug! Ok, no jokes anymore 😄

But really – the sun! Midnight sun! I have never ever been so energetic as in Abisko during summer. All thanks to the midnight sun and never-ending sunshine. You are able to hike 12 hours a day, clean your whole apartment, have a wild party with friends, sleep only 4 hours a day, catch a fish for dinner and do a few other arctic activities on the way and still, you will think like: what else can I do? Kungsleden hiking trail – 440 km through the mountains, rivers, and valleys. Why not?! The only question is when shall we start?

Let me tell you honestly that the midnight sun is the best free and legal drug you will ever try in your life! Been there done that 😉
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