Driving in Lappland wintertime

Driving in Lappland wintertime When driving a car in Lapland remember that between the dates December 1st and March 31st you are required to have winter tires.  In Sweden each car has additionally metal spikes in its winter tires what makes driving

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Abisko on a budget

Abisko on a budget Not so many years ago I have been a student myself, so I really know what it means to travel on a budget. I have tried plenty of travel hacks, voluntary options, Couchsurfing, hitchhiking and so on just

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What to do in Abisko in winter

What to do in Abisko in winter How does Swedish Winter Wonderland look like?  Fluffy snow, blue sky, glittering frozen lake that you can drive a snowmobile on and massive icicles decorating roofs. During days happy huskies running through white valleys and

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When to go to Abisko?

When is the best time to visit Abisko? It is a very hard question as it really depends on your travel goals and preferences. I can assure you that each month Abisko has a lot to offer and in order to

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What to do in Abisko in summer?

Midnight sun in Abisko and Kiruna, Swedish Lappland In 2020 first sunrise after winter we have celebrated in Abisko on February the 1st. Memorable day because you know, how exciting it is to finally see the sun after a long

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