A little bit extra information about Abisko National Park

Little bit about Abisko National Park

Abisko National Park, established in 1909, is one of the very first national parks in Sweden. It was created in order to preserve our unique Arctic fauna and flora; as a reminiscence for scientific research center. 

The park isn’t that big but has a great potential. Not only numerous hiking and skiing trails can be found here, but also it is a sort of city park for locals. We walk here our dogs, we play here with our kids, we come here to have a picnic with friends and drive our snowmobiles. 

Also, many of our tours take place here such as:
— Hiking trips.
— Photography tours.
— Snowmobile tours.
— Snowshoe hiking.
— Aurora chasing.

From the park we can see the big lake Torneträsk and the mountain Njullá with its mountaintop observation center – Aurora Sky Station. You can book a chairlift on summertime or wintertime.

Abisko National Park is not only our favourite nearby playground. It is also a home to many animals like moose, reindeers, lemmings, birds, such us ptarmigans; rabbits, foxes, lynx, wolverines, etc. We have here some rare and beautiful plants; and in early autumn billions of different and very delicious berries. 

Just outside the park you can spot our U-shaped valley Lapporten – The Gate to Lapland. It is one of the most familiar natural sights of the region and an awesome area for summer midnight sun hikes. In winter time  ice-fishing is very good in the lakes in between. 

In addition, here in the park the famous 440 km long Kungsleden Trail (The King’s Trail) starts or finishes.

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