Abisko on a budget

Abisko on a budget

Not so many years ago I have been a student myself, so I really know what it means to travel on a budget. I have tried plenty of travel hacks, voluntary options, Couchsurfing, hitchhiking and so on just to save some money for more travels!

Certainly, Lapland is not a budget destination as it is so far away and many attractions are only available with help of tour guides. Especially during winter, it is harder to for example hitchhike around because let’s be honest – you do not want to wait more than 10 minutes for your transport when it is freezing cold and snowy. Still I believe that there are a few tips you can find useful when planning your trip to Lapland:

  • Plan it in advance so you can get cheaper flight/ train tickets.
  • Check via which tool it is the cheapest to book your accommodation. Booking.com/ on the website of the guesthouse or maybe via mail. Always try as many ways as possible to compare not only prices but also conditions.
  • If you want to have some alcohol/ cigarettes buy it from Duty Free Zone. Sweden is quite expensive and I am sure that you are not coming here for a cheap “party hard” sort of holiday.
  • Drink tap water! Have a nice bottle and refill it! Our tap water as well as water from rivers is way tastier than bottled one from the shop.
  • Do not throw away or destroy plastic bottles and cans as in Sweden we return them to special machines in supermarkets and got some money “pant” back.
  • Look for food discounts. In Sweden we try to reduce food waste so before the food expires it gets discounted. You can look for products with “passa på” sticker and save a few Swedish kronas + be eco-friendlier at the same time.
  • Walk a lot! Walking is free and lets you take some pretty pictures, meet wild animals of Lapland, get fit, chase northern lights and observe locals doing their things like for example drive snowmobiles (which can be really really impressive), catch a huge fish or work with reindeers or huskies.
  • Ask our reception desk for advices on where and when to go. There are many places to be visited around but weather in Lapland might be tricky and often even though in Abisko it is sunny and calm, for example 10 km away in Björkliden, where the ski resort is, it can be extremely windy and not that fun at all. Better to ask the way than to go astray.
  • Try amusing but cheaper attractions. I can imagine that paying over 1 000 kronas for a few trips can be hard. But there are always cheaper and still great activities you can try. What do you think about sauna session at our Guesthouse? Not your thing? So maybe sauna session + jumping into the snow in between? That is a very cheap and very memorable experience! I promise you will have a lot of fun doing it! Renting snowshoes is also very cheap and fun. Regular walking you can practise back home but here in winter you want to jump into the deep snow and explore the terrain.
  • Stay here longer. Might sound stupid as hotel nights in Sweden aren’t the cheapest but trust me. So many times I’ve talked to guests coming to Abisko only for 1-2 nights who were regretting not staying here longer. Sometimes these 2 days are not enough for all the Arctic adventures and chasing northern lights. It can happen that for 2 nights due to bad weather you will not be able to see any aurora but then usually this missing 3 rd or 4 th night would give you an experience of a lifetime seeing this magic happening on the sky in front of your eyes. Guests very often tell us that their stay was too short and that one day they need to return. But when calculating the cost of the travel, vacation days from work, time you need to get here – it is way cheaper to stay in Abisko longer at one time rather than make 2 or 3 shorter trips. From my experience I can say that 5 nights in Abisko give you a great chance of experiencing everything that the Arctic Circle can offer.
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