Is Abisko the best place to see northern lights?

Is Abisko the best place to see northern lights?

As Abisko is situated in the center of the Aurora oval and is surrounded by many mountains what helps in having the sky clear we can say that yes – it is very possible to experience northern lights here. 

Some even claim that it is the best place in the world to chase them. What we always repeat is that weather is unpredictable and auroras can happen at any time of the night so in order to actually see them you really need patience and commitment. 

Auroras can last a few minutes or a few hours and in winter happen at any time. In 2019 a great show took place in our village at 5PM! Very often tourists think that it is enough to chase northern light during our evening tours or while walking themselves after dinner and go home at 10PM. That is the biggest mistake. Because chasing aurora means staying outside as long as possible.

If the sky is cloudy at 10PM it absolutely does not mean that at 3AM you won’t see amazing colours flying over your head. All you need is being patient, keep yourself warm and keep your eyes open. If you Google Aurora Webcam you can find there their camera which takes a picture of our sky each 5 minutes. 

It is not an application but actual pictures of current situation on the sky. What about aurora apps? Just delete them, that’s our best advice for you. If you wish to succeed in aurora chasing, you should only trust your eyes and be outside as long as possible!

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