Why visit Abisko

Lake Torneträsk

Abisko sits on the bank of Lake Torneträsk, a large lake flagged by low mountains on the far banks. Whether it is frozen or not (which it is for around 8 months of the year), it is spectacular. Fish in it, walk on it, just the view from Abisko across makes it worth visiting Abisko.

Northern lights (aurora)

There are few places in the world where you can experience Northern Lights the way you can in Abisko. The sight is a feast for the soul and one of the things you simply must see at least once in your lifetime. Read more here.

Midnight sun

See the glowing colors of the sky all around you through the middle of the summer. Read more here.

Abisko national park

Our national park is made up of the valley, Abiskodalen and Mount Njolja. Birch trees cover the lower levels and flowers (or snow!) decorate the mountain. Through the centre of the park flows the Abiskojåkka river.  The 30 square miles (7700 hectares) of park is easy to explore, with paths and snowmobile trails.

The King’s Trail, Kungsleden

This 275 mile (440 km) long trail can and should be hiked along in the summer and skied along during the winter. It traverses the truly beautiful lapland mountains. For more info, check out Swedish Lapland’s guide here.