A spectacular autumn hike through Abisko National Park

The constantly changing scenery along the Njakajaure hiking trail in beautiful Abisko will stimulate your senses. You pass through the birch forests and beside streams with a wide range of flowers and a diversity of birds that can be spotted along your way.

Abisko National Park in Autumn - Abisko Guesthouse

The 10km round hike from Abisko Guesthouse takes you first alongside the spectacular Lake Torneträsk to the tourist station.

We then head up along the first Njakajaure trail - Abisko Guesthousepart of the Kungsleden (Kings Trail) where moose trail and graze. If you’re very lucky you might even spot one while you’re there! Look out for alpine flowers too and listen carefully – you might hear a bluethroat, that makes the most amazing range of sounds.

The trail is marked by signposts and follow the orange signs with 3 white dots on.


About 2 km up from the tourist station is the Marmorbrottet (marble quarry) –  yellow-coloured dolomite rock that was mined briefly 100 years ago. Not only does this place offer wonderful views of the mountains all around, it also grows rock-loving plants.


Further along the trail, you will spot trenches left over from the Second World War.

The final part of the trail takes us past a small lake called Vuolip Njakajaure. Sit and rest at the fire pit here, where you can grill your own sausages or anything else tasty and ‘grill able’ or just enjoy some warmth of the fire. Look out for divers and ducks.

The path then loops back down to the road by the tourist station and you can potter back to the Guesthouse alongside the lake.

For more information and a map, talk to us at the Guesthouse Reception.