Monthly Archives: August 2017

See the northern lights (aurora borealis) in September/October

One of the truly wonderful things about Abisko (Swedish Lapland) is that the northern lights – aurora borealis – are visible most of the year. Good weather conditions mean that if the sky is dark, they are there to be seen. This means that September and October are really great months to see the northern […]

Checking out the bird life in Abisko National Park

The summer is a fabulous time to visit northern Sweden. The days are long – 24-hours long – and if you are lucky it will be mild and sunny. It’s unlikely to be hot, with an average temperature of 11 degrees Celsius but that makes great weather for walking and exploring. The landscape changes often […]

Tour the stunningly beautiful Narvik fjord with us

Our Narvik tour takes you down the magical road from Abisko to Narvik in Norway. The journey along the banks of Lake Torneträsk and through the mountains to the fjord is what that we think makes this tour so special. From beautiful to historically-significant places, your guide will tell you all about them. The road we take follows…